20 February

Ravi Kappor: If all National Kurash Federations Leaders will be more active unitedly, we will build new era for Kurash Development.

At the end of my trip, I came to the conclusion I needed. Today, the World Kurash Family is approaching nearly 140 country- members. Many of them, which developing steadily and receiving the support from their goverment, which they have deserve. But, unfortunately, they are those, which still not yet much developing and they are not even trying to do it by themselves.

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13 February

The Best referees of the Kingdom are selected.

This year on February 8-10, Pattaya held the training for Thailand referees. The seminar was attended by 20 strongest referees, from about 10 provinces of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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15 January

IKA announces “Best in 2019”

This year the IKA’s Directing Committee determined best events, athletes and officials in ten different nominations judging their overall performance and contribution to Kurash promotion in their respective countries, continents and in the world.

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31 December

New Year's Greetings from the KCAO President!

We hope that the New Year of 2020 will be one of the productive years for all of us and for our favourite Kurash. I am happy to send you my sincere wishes.

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30 December

KCAO Calendar 2020

The KCAO Calendar is available on the link shown below.

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04 October

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Today is the birthday of Mr. Komil Ruziev – the President of Kurash Confederation of Asia and Oceania and Vice President of International Kurash Association.

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04 September

IKA holds its XVIII Ordinary Congress in Korea

Members of the Congress – heads and representatives of national Kurash federations from around the globe heard reports of IKA President, Vice-Presidents and members of the Directing Committee on their activities over the past year.

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23 June

New Heroes of Asia !

The national teams of Uzbekistan have the highest result. In the team event, the team won 12 gold, 10 silver and 2 bronze medals.There were three top strong athletes from Vietnam, Chinese Taipei entered the tournament.

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20 June

The Rating system will start from Asia for Kurash Players

In the Congress there were given a speech to IKA Technical Director Mr.Reza Nasiri, he mentioned that Asia Continent is one of the best Confederation in IKA family. It is getting implemented by IKA the rating system for Kurash Players worldwide. This system will start as a test in Asia.

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17 June

The world tourist center hosts the championship on the Kurash

According to the calendar of Kurash Confederation Asia and Oceania, on June 17-21 this year names of new champions of the continent aged up to 20 years will be defined in this resort.

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