About KCAO


On November 12,2016 Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania has been congress XVI of International Kurash Association, It was organised on the basis of the decision to merge of Asia and Oceania Kurash Confederations.

 Kurash Confederation of Asia was established in 1999,in 2000 its become member of Kurash International Kurash Association. Mission of Confederation is that to develop Kurash  in Continent of Asia , to promote value of the Kurash and to arrange continental chempionship and games. 

Serik Ongarbayev (1999-2001), Jagdish Tytler  (2001-2005), Mohammad Derakshan (2005-2013), Haydar Farman (2013-2016) in those years these people was working as a President of Kurash in Continent of Asia . There are officially registered 31 countries in Kurash Confederation of Asia. Last past years sport Kurash developed sharply in Continent of Asia. In different ages had arranged many Continental chempionships by International Kurash Asossiation members. Confederation achieved to visit as a guest to attand in the world chempionship and international competitions. In 2003,Kurash admitted as an Asian sport by Asian Olympic Assembly. Nowadays, organised by the Olympic Council of Asia,  Kurash officially take part in Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games,  Asian beach Games,  Asian Games among youth and Summer Asian Games. 

Oceania Kurash Confederation established in New Zealand in 2004 and its become officially member of International Kurash Association in 2005. 

Kurash Confederation of Oceania include 9 country  members. Oceania Kurash confederation achieved to open new federations in different island countries and develop the Kurash sports there. It has been arranged Oceania Kurash championships between older and younger Kurash competitors. Yohan Boshoff was a president of Oceania Kurash confederation between 2004 and 2016.

To develop in both side of Kurash sports established Asian-Oceania confederation. 4 th January 2017 has been congress of Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania , in this congress Komil Ruziev become a president of Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania ,until this time he was working as a advicer President of International Kurash Asossiation.