Liu Yi took home the Asian Games gold medal in China

Today, the last day of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China Kurash computation and has announced its winners. In the 3rd day of Kurash competition program, men competed in 90 kg and women in 87 kg weight categories. Notably, Liu Yi from the host country overcame all her opponents to take home the 19th Asian Summer Games Kurash gold medal. Liu Yi started the competition in the quarter final. Albina Bakhrieva from Kazakhstan was defeated in the quarterfinal by one chala score. She had some difficulties in the semi-final match. In the end, she defeated the experienced Iranian athlete Melika Omid Vandchaly with a score of one yonbosh and one chala. Another experienced Iranian athlete, World Champion Zahra Bagheri, was waiting for her in the final. At the end of an intense and highly interesting final match, one chala and a tanbekh for her opponent were enough for Liu Yi to win. Liu Yi also took part in the Asian Championship held on April 25–29 this year and won the Asian Championship. The men’s matches were also full of cheers from the audience. Experienced Iranian athlete Sadegh Azarang first defeated Indian Chauhan Yash Kumar with a khalol score, and in the semi-final, Ishanmyrat Atayev from Turkmenistan was defeated. Again, real victory, again, khalol. The Khalal score was repeated in the final. The opponent was Kim Mingyu from Korea. The long-awaited and highly anticipated 19th Asian Games Kurash competitions came to an end.
Men: -90 kg

1. AZARANG Sadegh – Islamic Republic of Iran
2. KIM Mingyu – Republic of Korea
3. ATAYEV Ishanmyrat – Turkmenistan
3. NAZAROV Khaknazar- Tajikistan

Women -87 kg

1.LIU Yi CHN – People’s Republic of China
2. SILVER BAGHERI Zahra – Islamic Republic of Iran
3. OMID VANDCHALY Melika – Islamic Republic of Iran
3. VO Thi Phuong Quynh – Vietnam

04 October 2023