President's message

I was elected President of Kurash in the Continent of Asia and Oceania and this to me is a very big confidence and responsibility.Kurash isv considered the national tradition of Uzbek people for thousands of years to reach us.  This values are altered into a modern International Kurash by devotee of Kurash Mr Komil Yusupov. The development of Kurash in the world for each of us gives unique pride and honour. 

We have to respect and protect our favourite sport and this is our debt obligation. 

Today,  we have put big aims, for the development of Kurash. 

My knowledge,  my power and doing everything for spreading Kurash in the Continent of Asia and Oceania and in the future including Kurash as a one of the world Olympic game. I express my sincere thank you for my dear friends, generous people and all representatives of all states who gave me his /her voice.

Together we can achieve our goals!