Kurash activities are officially launched in the Maldives

Maldives is one of the most beautiful tourism centers in the world. Millions of tourists visit it every year.
The population of the state located in South Asia, in the north-western part of the Indian Ocean, is more than 300 thousand.
Now the Kurash Federation is also active in this beautiful country.
According to IKA Technical Director Ravi Kapoor, the federation was officially registered a few days ago.
It started in 2020 by promoting Kurash in this country, said Mr. Kapoor. We communicated with several people and organizations through old friends. There are very few sport federations in the Maldives due to the small population and the fact that the country’s infrastructure is geared more towards tourism than sports. However, interest in Kurash overcame several years of registration difficulties.
Mr. Hussain Sujau was elected President of Maldives Kurash Community.
Mr. Hussain has been active in the country’s sports organizations for many years.
Currently, the Maldivian team is participating in the First South Asian Championship, which is being held in the state of Kerala, India.

19 April 2024