Marciano Norman: The Indonesian government supports the socialization of Kurash countrywide

General Lieutenant Marciano Norman serves as the Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI).
He attended the Indonesian Kurash Federation meeting held at KONI, June 8.
At the meeting, issues of further promotion of kurash in Indonesia and support at the government level were discussed.
The President of the Indonesian Kurash Federation, Hafil Fudin, members of the federation’s management, referees and heads of the federation’s regional departments attended at the meeting.
Marciano Norman stated that the main thing that the Indonesian Kurash Federation should focus on is the socialization of kurash in Indonesia.
“The socialization of kurash should become the main task of all of us. The government supports the work at all levels in this regard.
Even Indonesian schoolchildren should understand what kurash is. I have no doubt that new generations of great athletes are growing in the regions as well. Kurash is expanding over the world. Kurash has already participated in the Asian Games and is on its way to the Olympics” – said the Chairman of KONI.
General Hafil Fudin, the president of the Federation, commented during the meeting. He provided thorough details regarding the ongoing work.
Issues were discussed and future plans and strategies were agreed upon.
For information: The Indonesian Kurash Federation has established regional federations in almost all provinces of the country and regularly holds national championships and national seminars every year. Indonesian athletes are taking part in international competitions.
This year, the National Kurash Championship and qualifiers will be organized as part of Indonesia’s National Sports Week (PON) on July 27-30. 230 athletes from 23 provinces will take part in the kurash competition, which will be held at the Padepokan Taman sports complex in Jakarta.

15 June 2023