The Best referees of the Kingdom are selected.

The city of Pattaya in Thailand, with its most beautiful coasts, is one of the most attractive tourist centers in the world.

In recent years, Pattaya has also become one of the favorite places for the Sport of Kurash.

Starting from 2015, each year International Kurash Tournament "Pattaya Open" is traditionally held on the initiative of the Thai Kurash Federation and the Pattaya Municipality.

The Asian Kurash Championship among Juniors was also held at the highest level in Pattaya in 2019.

This year on February 8-10, Pattaya held the training for Thailand referees.

The seminar was attended by 20 strongest referees, from about 10 provinces of the Kingdom of Thailand.

In order to get a 2-3 star refereeing level, the participants attended both theoretical and practical lessons and learned how to make quick and accurate decisions in difficult refereeing cases.

The Seminars were conducted by Mr. Pulsak Sajathamnukul, who was recognized as the best referee of KCAO in 2017, and by other experts.

Pulsak Sajathamnukul, the President of the Thai Kurash Association:

A new generation of the strongest young referees has been born in the Thai Kurash Federation.

Our referees, such as Mr. Kringkai Promnaruritte, Mr. Sittipol Kongka, Mr. Jakkapan Naklada, are well qualified and judging with dignity at continental and world championships.

Mr. Kringkai Promnaruritte was recognized as the best referee of the Asian Kurash Championship in 2019.

Our selected referees will attend the International referees training seminars which is expected to be held on April 2-6 in Chinese Taipei.




KCAO Press Service

13 February 2020