Tehran's Azodi Stadium will determine the name of the 2024 Asian Kurash champions

The Kurash Confederation of Asia—KCA and the Iran Kurash Association have proudly reached a monumental agreement to host the prestigious 2024 Asian Championships in the esteemed Islamic Republic Of Iran. 

This prestigious event was originally planned for Bukhara in Uzbekistan and has now moved to Iran so that it can be held in the month of June as the IKA Ranking event for WSP.

On 12 March, the KCA received the final confirmation from the Iran Kurash Association to host the Asian Senior Kurash Championships, KCA Congress / DC Meeting, IKA 1 and 2 Star International Refereeing Exam, and IKI Coaching Seminar / B License Exam.

This historic agreement, a testament to the unity and cooperation among Kurash organizations, will be signed by two esteemed leaders: of Kurash in Iran, and  Asia. The IKA will oversee the signing, further symbolizing this unity.

The 2024 Asian Kurash Championships among seniors will be held from June 12 to June 17 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. We are expecting around 20 countries to attend this championship.
Mr.Amir Sedighi Quoted, “All permissions have been taken from the necessary government departments, and we have the approval of our sports ministry.”
Organizing these championships will align with the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran's government. The Championships will take place in Azadi Stadium, the Biggest Sports complex in Iran, and the Iran Kurash Association will do its best to show warm Iranian Hospitality to all participants.

13 March 2024