A new system will be introduced to promote kurash on the continent

Today, Ordinary Congress of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania was held in the conference hall of Easunfor Hotel in Hangzhou.
More than 15 important points related to the development of Kurash in Asia were thoroughly discussed at the Congress.
The meeting was chaired by the President of the Confederation Mr.Komil Ruziev.
The leaders of the Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games, the officials of the city of Hangzhou Linpu presented a report on the preparatory work for the championship, according to the agenda of the Congress attended by representatives of more than 20 countries.
The President of KCAO thanked the organizing committee for the high-level preparation work.
The Vice-President of the International Kurash Association, Mr.Ziyoviddin Khodjiniyazov, made a speech and acknowledged that the Asian continent is one of the most active confederations within the IKA, and the number and quality of the competitions are increasing year by year.
At the Congress, information was provided about the work done and the plans to be implemented by the Vice-Presidents of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania.
KCAO Technical Director Mr.Koroush Khosyorar gave detailed information on the results of monitoring the activities of national federations as one of the main points on the agenda.
In fact, in the past year alone, 7 different levels of championships, multi-games and tournaments were held on the Asian continent.
The activity of national federations was studied according to several criteria for participation and medal accumulation.
The results were analyzed and the names of the best working, average and generally unsatisfactory national federations were determined and a report was prepared accordingly.
Now the reports on the national federations whose activities are considered unsatisfactory are sent by the KCAO to the national Olympic committees and sports management organizations of those countries. Work on improving or reorganizing their activities is carried out in the appropriate manner.
During the Congress, the reports of the presidents of regional kurash federations were also heard. Regional kurash federations are a new system in KCAO activity.
The main goal of this system, launched in 2018, is to popularize regional kurash and improve the activities of national federations.
Until now, South Asian, South East Asian and East Asian Kurash Federations are operating. It was announced that the Central and Western Asian Kurash Federations will be organized in the future.
Also, the Congress adopted a decision to amend the Statutes of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania.

28 April 2023