The strongest Kurash players of our continent will compete in Hangzhou!

International Kurash Association, 19th Asian Games Organizing Committee, Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation, Chinese Kurash Association, and International Kurash Institute
April 25-30, Hangzhou, China Presents Asian Senior Kurash Championship.

The strongest Kurash athlete of our continent will go to the gilam to determine the name of the new heroes of Asia.
As part of the championship, international seminars and exams for Kurash coaches and referees will be held.
On April 30, the winners of the Asian qualifying round of the “Kurash: World series Pro” tournament for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan prize will be determined.
Feel with us the most intense debates, the charm of unique techniques, and the atmosphere of a real Kurash festival.
Don’t miss the Asian Senior Kurash Championship!

15 April 2023