Please ıntroduce your self.

I am CHANG Han-Tung, 89 years old from Taiwan.
65 years ago, I graduated from the Department of Medicine of National Taiwan University then operate Gynecology and Maternity hospital.
Retire now.

Please tell us brıefly about your sport actıvıtıes ın sport?

Kurash, Aikido, Kendo, Jiujitsu, Judo.
I was the President of Taiwan Aikido Federation, and President of Taiwan Jiujitsu Federation.
Now im the President of Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation.

Where are you baısed at?

Taipei, Taiwan.

How ıs the kurash operatıon system ın your country? As far as ı know kurash ıs not federatıon. How do you operate alone or wıth other sports?

I founded the Chinese Taipei Kurash Federatio under the Ministry of the Interior.
And reapply for recognition from the Ministry of Sports and Chinese TaipeiOlympic Committee.
Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation is an official federation in Taiwan.

Who ıs now ın charge of kurash affaırs now ın your country?

Mr. Chang Han-Tung (President of Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation)
Mrs. Jenny Chang (CEO of Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation)
Ms. Chang, Kai-Feng (General Secretary of Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation)
Domestic Affaire: Sports Department of the Ministry of Education.
InternationalAffaire: Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee.

What actıvıtıes have you had ın 2019 -2020.

(A) Championship:
1- National Championship(2019-2020)
2- President Cup Championship(2019)

(B) Seminar:
1- Rerefee Seminar(2019-2020)
2- Coach Seminar(2019-2020)
3- Competition Manager Seminar(2019)
4- ANTI-DOPING Seminar(2019)

(C) Traning Camp:
1- For Asian Junior Championship(2019)
2- Kid Traning Camp(2019)

(D) Social:
1- Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs(2019)
2- Visit Tourism Bureau(2019)
3- Visit Sports Department of the Ministry of Education(2019-2020)
4- Visit Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee(2019)

(E) Event:
1- National Team Selection(2019)
2- Kurash Street Flash Mob (2019-2020)
3- Taiwan Kurash Promoting Event (2020)

(A) International Kurash Referee Seminar& Exam(2019 Nepal)
(01) YANG Hsien-Tzu (Pass 1 Star Exam)
(02) LEE Wan-Ting (Pass 1 Star Exam)
(03) LIN Fan-Rong (Pass 1 Star Exam)
(04) LIU Ying-Ta (Pass 1 Star Exam)
(05) CHANG Kai-Feng (Official)

(B)Coaching course (2019 Uzbekistan)
(01) YANG Hsien-Tzu
(02) LEE Wan-Ting
(03) TSAINien-Tzu
(04) TSAIJeng-Ren
(05) CHANG Kai-Feng (Official)

(C)International Kurash Referee Seminar & Exam (2019 Korea)
(01) HO Pi-Yen (2019 Best Female Referee Of Ika)
(02) LEE Chun-Yi
(03) WANG Min-Chuian

Please tell me the last results your country obtaıned durıng comtınental or world champıonshıps?

(A) XIV International Tournament dedicated to the Memory of Al-Hakim At-Termiziy
for the Prize of the President of Uzbekistan (2019 Uzbekistan)
(01) Gold medal- YEH LianF-48kg
(02) Bronze Medal- WEN Yun-HuaF-57
(03) Bronze Medal- CHANG Chi-FengM-73kg
(04) 5th- WANG Wei-ChengM-55kg

(B) World Championships (2019 Korea)
(01) Gold medal- SUN Peı-YuF+87kg
(02) Gold medal- CHENG Yu-ChıngF-63kg
(03) Bronze Medal-KAO Chıa-JıngF-78kg
(04) Bronze Medal-LIN Chıa-HuangM-73kg
(05) Bronze Medal-LO ChenM-60kg
(06) Bronze Medal- LIU Chıa-LıngF-70kg
(07) Bronze Medal-HUANG Chun-TaM-81kg
(08) Bronze Medal-TSOU Chıa-WenF-48kg
(09) Bronze Medal-HONG Zı YıF-52kg
(10) 5th- KAO ShıuanM-66kg
(11) 5th- HUANH Pın-RoF-87kg
(12) 5th- WEN Yun-HuaF-57kg
(13) 5th- LEE Jhıh-YıngM-100kg
(14) 5th- PANPo-WeıM+100kg

(C) I lnternational Tournament dedicated to the Memory of Bakhouddin l{aqshbandi
for the Prize of the President of Uzbekistan (2019 Uzbekistan)
(01) Silver Medal-TSOU Chıa-WenF-52kg
(02) Bronze Medal- LIU Chıa-LıngF-63kg
(03) Bronze Medal-KAO Chıa-JıngF-78kg

(D) Asian Junior Championships (2019 Thailand)
(01) Gold medal- YANG Lı-MeıF-78kg
(02) Silver Medal- SONG Ya-TıngF-52kg
(03) Silver Medal- WEN Yun-HuaF-57kg
(04) Silver Medal- PAN Ssu-ChengM-60kg
(05) Silver Medal- LI Weı-ChengM-73kg
(06) Bronze Medal-HONG Zı YıF-48kg
(07) Bronze Medal- YEH Lian F-52kg
(08) Bronze Medal-CHANG Chi-FengM-81kg
(09) Bronze Medal-FAN Kuan-YuM-90kg
(10) Bronze Medal-YE CHING-HUA F-70kg
(11) Bronze Medal-WU Chıa-Fang F-63kg

Are you more ınterested ın coachıng , refereeıng or management?

Of course, especially can improve organizational ability of federation.

When makıng ımportant decıssıons ın kurash who has the fınal say ? You or your daughter

I always support the development of Kurash.
My daughter Jenny arrange the budget for federation.
We always make the final decision in the federation meeting, but most of the time depends on the budget.

What ıs you vısıon for kurash ın your country?

Taiwan government support any sports of Olympic Games and Asian. If kurash is not one of the event in the Asian Games, the federation is very difficultget support and budget.
Taiwan government supports development of kurash in domestic sports education because kurash is the Asian Games event, this is very important for us.
We hopefully IKA can be the member in the SportAccord. For this we can get more supports from government and more peoples will join kurash.

Fınally how ıs corona affectıng kurash now ın your country?

(A) Taiwan ’s alarm system is strong and started to prevent and promote correct ideas very early.

(B) Taiwan is the first country to implement 14-day quarentin, we use face masks, maintain social distance, goverment establish health rules, and highly control the airport and doing the medical test.

(C) Taiwan government established e-notification system and e-control system, and prevent fake messages news.

(D) Taiwan has top medical technology and the factory manufactures masks in large quantities, and Taiwan also share the face mask to all the worldfor free.
For this, people's lives are still normal, and we still have a high degree of freedom in the everyone.

(E) But we still promotion kurash in Taiwan, we send the coaches to all the kurash teams in Taiwan for teaching the technical training and rules, also send the 3 starts referee to teaching the referees in every city.

(F) We will host National Championship in September because the situation better then better in Taiwan now.

Thanks a lot to Taiwan government for its efforts to protect people's lives and health.

Thank you too Mr.Nassiri

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18 May 2020