Komil Ruziev was re-elected as a President of KCAO

March 18 at 4:00 p.m. Conference Hall of the National Library of Tajikistan, located in the center of Dushanbe. This information will remain an important date in the history of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania.

Ordinary Congress of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania was held at the same time and place.

This Congress is also important as there is elections for the KCAO leadership this year.

The congress was attended by delegates from about 25 member countries of the Confederation.

The report of KCAO President Komil Ruziev on the list on the agenda was heard:

- Thinking about the summary of the work done today, first of all, we thank the Creator for coming to this meeting in good health, — said Komil Ruziev in his report.

-Because the Coronavirus pandemic, which has worried the whole world, has taken many of our friends away from us.

It is also true that many of the plans we have set before us have caused us to postpone or cancel our competitions.

Dear friends! Over the past period, the Junior Asian Championship has been held twice, once Senior Championship, and about 10 international tournaments and seminars of various levels have been held.

4 new federations have been joined to KCAO membership.

Many projects are being developed to provide full support to the federations.

Representatives of more than 20 countries of the continent are taking part in the Asian Championship, which is being held today in Dushanbe.

During the Congress, the Saudi Arabian Kurash Committee was accepted as a new member of the KCAO family.

Organizational issues on the congressional agenda began.

Current President Komil Ruziev has been re-elected to the KCAO presidency for another four years.

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bakhriddin Valiev has been elected as a First Vice President of KCAO.

For information, Bakhriddin Valiev served as Rector of the International Kurash Institute, Chairman of the Tashkent Kurash Federation in 2016-2021.

President of the Kuwait Kurash Federation Hameed Farman and Director General of TajikAeronavigation Loikjon Ashurov had been elected as a Vice-Presidents of KCAO.

Farrukh Saidkulov, the current Secretary General of KCAO, was re-elected as a Secretary General, while Koroush Hosroyar, Secretary General of the Iran Kurash Federation, was elected as a Technical Director of KCAO.

President of the Afghanistan Kurash Federation Ziya Mahmoud Dashti has been appointed as a member of the Executive Committee on Peace in Sport, while President of the Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation Vicky Chang has been appointed as a member of the Executive Committee on Equality in Sport.

Jumabek Havasov and Amir Seddighi are also members of the KCAO executive committee.

The names of the heads of KCAO standing committees were also introduced during the congress:

Arbitration Committee: Mr. Pulsak Sajathamnukul (Thailand)

Protocol Committee: Mr. Francois Saade (Lebanon)

Women’s Sports Committee: Shamsiya Saidova (Tajikistan)

Legal Committee: Mr. Mokhles Hasan Haider (Iraq)

Athletes Committee: Mr. Nguyen Huu Ahn (Vietnam)

Press and PR Committee: Mr. Jamshid Namozov (Uzbekistan)

Sports Committee: Ms. Chang Kai Feng (Chinese Taipei)

Medical Committee: Representative of UzNADA

Finance Committee: Doniyor Ruziev (Uzbekistan)

Committee on International Relations: Dr. Amir Sedighi (Iran)

Education Committee: Farkhod Rakhimov (Uzbekistan)

At the end of the Congress, plans to further develop Kurash on the continent and improve the activities of national federations were discussed.

















20 March 2022