International Kurash Institute becomes a University

The International Kurash Institute and the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan are organizing an international seminar for referees and coaches in the homeland of Kurash.

The official inclusion of the Kurash in Asian Games 2018 program has caused an increase in interest for this sport. This creates a need for closer acquaintance with the rules of Kurash for coaches and referees in many countries of the world.

About 50 specialists from Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Chinese Taipei, Iraq and other countries are currently participating in the seminar to meet the current needs for theoretical and practical aspects of Kurash.

According to the press service of the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan, the seminar was opened by Mr. Komil Yusupov, the Founder Chairman of the International Kurash Association, who briefed participants on the path that Federation passed to reach the international level.

Mr. Reza Nassiri, the Technical Director of the International Kurash Association, admitted that after the Asian Games, the demand for referees and coaches increased.

During the workshop, specialists from around the world familiarized with the methods of studying the rules of Kurash. Additionally, they agreed on changing the “International Kurash Institute” to “International Kurash University” and take the education system to a new level.

During a ten-day workshop, participants will be able to exercise their knowledge in practice.

Komil Yusupov, Сhairman–founder of International Kurash Association:

- 2018 has been an important year for the history of Kurash. The Day of Kurash was officially celebrated for the first time as per the Decree on development of Kurash by the President of Uzbekistan. The official inclusion of Kurash in the Asian Games 2018 is a special history.

The importance of international tournaments for the prize of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was not less than any World Championship. Now there is a great interest for Kurash in the world.

We are creating new opportunities for them to learn not only the rules of Kurash, but also the sport, in general. This is the reason we are organizing the International Kurash University. Seminars are going to be carried out more often and the Kurash family keeps expanding.

Reza Nassiri, the Technical Director of the International Kurash Association:

- Kurash is a kind of young sports that is entering the world of sport today and after the Asian Games, the interest for Kurash, has increased. Today, we are here to improve our knowledge in the homeland of Kurash.

After the Asian Games, some countries have published a book of Kurash rules and there are some mistakes. I must say that today the rules of Kurash, which is adopted by the world, are developed by Komil Yusupov and the changes can be made precisely by the representative from the homeland of Kurash.

For us, the rules we have today are perfect and we need to learn more about it and promote it.


08 January 2019