The name of the Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation will change

The Ordinary Congress of the  Kurash Confederation Asia-Oceania was held in the conference hall of the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.
Representatives of about 20 national federations, members of the Confederation Directing Committee and leaders of the International Kurash Association participated in the Congress.
The President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman spoke at the meeting and sincerely congratulated all the delegates on the Congress and the continental championship.
He noted that the Asian continent is one of the most powerful confederations in which the sport of Kurash has become popular. He expressed confidence that this activity will accelerate further in the future.
During 3 hours, 15 issues included in the agenda of the Congress were considered. Reports were heard. Suggestions and comments were made.
The meeting was chaired by the President of the Confederation Komil Ruziev.
Komil Ruziev, who spoke on the issue of changing the name of the Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation, which was included in the agenda of the Congress, announced the following:
-Several changes are being made to the Charter of the Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation.
What will these changes consist of?
This first one will be renamed Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation. According to the recommendation of the International Kurash Association, due to the re-establishment of the Oceania Kurash Confederation, our activity will be changed to the Asian Kurash Confederation.
The draft of the new Charter also defines specific criteria for admission to the membership of the Confederation’s Directing Committee.
According to it, the positions of “Advisor”, “Honorary member”, “Honorary Vice-President” can be added to the membership of the Directing Committee at the proposal of the President of the Confederation. But these positions will not have the right to vote, he said.
Also, during the congress, the countries competing for the hosting of the Asian Junior Championship in 2025 were considered.
According to it, the Republic of Korea has been confirmed as the host of the 2025 Continental Junior Championship.
The championship is scheduled for June-July and will be hosted by the city of Incheon.




08 June 2024