It’s compulsory to have a minimum of 2 lines grade when you compete at IKA major Championships, without it you will not be registered and will not be able to participate.

On September 6, 2020 “IKA E- Kurash” project was presented during the online conference of the International Kurash Association.
Based on this project, all aspects of the rules, methods, technical and tactical instructions for kurash were prepared and a total of 56 kurash techniques from 7 Groups were filmed and posted on the Youtube. Based on this program, International Kurash Association and the International Kurash Institute have organized many online and offline seminars. More than a thousand athletes, coaches and experts took part in the seminars.
Another important aspect of the IKA E-Kurash project is that the project has established criteria for obtaining a belt levels.
There is a consistent levels in the belt, a maximum of 5 lines and 3 stars. There are certain requirements for the sequence of techniques to achieve the levels of each line and star.
An athlete who knows the kurash methods and performs correctly will have a level in the belt.

21 January 2023