22 April

IKA President participates in the Asian Championship in Hangzhou

According to the information presented to the President of IKA, all organizational issues are being implemented on the basis of the established Program. More than 1,200 employees are working to present a real Kurash festival to about 400 participants from 24 countries.

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19 April

There is 1 week left until the start of the Asian Championship

About 400 participants from 24 countries will directly witness these bouts. This is one of the best performances in the history of the Asian Championships.

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15 April

The strongest Kurash players of our continent will compete in Hangzhou!

The strongest Kurash athlete of our continent will go to the gilam to determine the name of the new heroes of Asia.

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11 April

There are 15 days left until the start of the Asian Kurash Championship

On April 27, Congress and Directing committee meeting of the Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation will be held. The agenda of these meetings included important issues of accepting new members to the Confederation, improving the activities of regional and national federations, and increasing the number and improving quality of competitions.

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30 March

Kurash will take part in the Qingdao Games

An important aspect of this year’s competition is that kurash was also included. The methods and techniques of kurash were demonstrated at the presentation attended by more than 1,000 spectators and sports officials.

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23 March

Athletes from 23 countries will participate in the Asian Championship

Discussions in details regarding venue, Transport and Accommodations we’re discussed so far 23 countries have confirmed participation and over 350 participants of Athletes and officials.

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19 March

Another new organization started working on Kurash

He noted the need to establish a separate South Asian Kurash Federation in order to coordinate these processes and achieve the official inclusion of Kurash in the South Asian Games Program in the future. All participants equally supported this initiative.

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13 March

Registrations will be suspended 20 March

Currently, the national federations within the KCAO have completed their national championships. Qualified strong kurash players will the mat in Hangzhou.

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01 March

Hafil Fuddin was re-elected as the President of the Indonesian Kurash Federation

Summary report of the last 4 years of the Indonesian Kurash Federation, were presented and plans and goals for the next 4 years were discussed.

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24 February

IKA and ITA announce spring series of anti-doping webinars

Starting this year, the International Kurash Association is organizing various projects and events in cooperation with the International Testing Agency – ITA.

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