International rules of organization and holding of Kurash competitions

Adopted by the First Foundational Congress of the IKA on September, 6, 1998 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Author: Komil Yusupov

At every gilam there must be a separate scoreboard. The received appraisals must be shown on a two-color scoreboard:


As shown above, appraisals and cautions should be in two colors. Between two colored lines there should be white line for designation of nomination of appraisals and cautions. 

1. Competitions are conducted according to the knock-out system;

2. All wrestlers are divided into two (A and B) groups with the account of the strongests;

3. The number of a wrestler is defined by a draw and is kept till the end of competition;

4. The fighters with even numbers will form group A, with odd numbers group B;

5. The winners of the fights pass to the next level of competition;

6. The winner from groups A and B will form a final pair and struggle for the 1st and 2nd places, those who have lost the fights get the 3rd place;

7. The competition in one weight category is held in one day period;