New Year's Greetings from the KCAO President!

       Dear Members of World Kurash Family!

       Dear Associates!

      Here is another year coming to the end and we are stepping into the New Year.

      On this occasion, Kurash Confederation of Asia and Oceania  congratulates you on New Year 2020!

     The closing 2019 was one of the most memorable years in the      history of Kurash.

     New accomplishment and achievements had been attained.

  KCAO Federations highly organized about 10 International Tournaments and the Asian Championship among Juniors.

     Hosting of the World Cup Kurash Championship among Seniors by the Asian continent was also one of happiest moments.

    Many seminars and training courses were organized in cooperation with the International Kurash Association, the International           Kurash Institute and the Federation of Kurash of Uzbekistan, to improve the skills of referees and coaches.

With the support of Asian Olympic Council, Kurash was included to the sports programme of South-East Asian Games.

Summarizing the current year, we are also planning our events and goals for the New Year.

We hope that the New Year of 2020 will be one of the productive years for all of us and for our favourite Kurash.

I am happy to send you my sincere wishes.

Happy New Year!


Komil Ruziev


31 December 2019