A refugee team will also participate in the Asian Championship

In a few days, the registration for the continental championship among adults in Kurash, which will start in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will be completed.
About 250 participants from 20 countries applied for participation in the championship.
Importantly, the 13th Asian Championship among adults will be attended by a refugee team for the first time.
This is happening for the first time in the history of International Kurash competitions.
The decision on refugee communities was discussed at the 2023 IKA Congress in Ashgabat and the 2024 IKA Directing Committee meetings in Dubai, and relevant regulations were adopted.
Now the Refugee team can participate in all competitions in the International Kurash Association calendar providing that they fulfil all conditions. It does not take into account race, nationality and social origin, except for gender. The team is coordinated by the International Kurash Association.
According to the standards of the International Olympic Committee, the flag and anthem of the International Kurash Association will be used as the team’s flag and anthem.
5 women will try their best on the Gilams in Tehran as part of the refugee team.

25 May 2024